‘Free Pandanda’ – A NEW Private Version for Pandanda!

Hey guys! Wow I haven’t posted in a long time/ Great to be here. I have some FANTASTIC news!

Free Pandanda Version

There is an all new server for Pandanda called ‘Free Pandanda’! It opened right before the New Year of 2015. I finally decided to join it on the 14th of March. I’ve been so busy but found some time. I also acknowledged the fact that there are so many players! Including old ones too! Be sure to sign up and register at https://fpdn.me/ if you haven’t yet!

Free Pandanda is a non profit,, volunteered private server run by individuals not affiliated with Sun Leaf Studios. It is a clone version of Pandanda. Running since the New Year, Free Pandanda has spawned on hundreds of users, including old well known famous players from the old Pandanda. It is unknown how long Free Pandanda will be opened for. However, for the time being, everyone is urged to register and play now! It is a fun “new Pandanda’! You can still add friends, do quests, collect golden tickets, catch bunnies, decorate your tree, dress up your Panda, and MUCH more! Stay tuned to Pandanda Fire, the best Pandanda blog – as we will continue to bring you the very latest about Free Pandanda and future developments and updates! —> https://fpdn.me/ <—

Check out some of the images I took with some great friends:

Darby Field at Free Pandanda AG9N77L[1]

Bear Hallow on Free Pandanda

You can do all sorts of stuff. Add friends, complete quests, decorate your treehouse, buy clothing, buy companions, go fishing, collect golden tickets and claim prizes, and even play my very favourite Darby Field’s Bunny Chasing game! I was too good at that back in the day haha. Everything works like the old Pandanda!

A ton of you have been asking and wondering if ‘FIRE2009FIRE’ is the real me. Yes it is! Since this version doesn’t allow you to have numbers as the first few symbols in your name, I had to use an extra ‘FIRE’. So yes, this is the real me. Any other FIRES are not me. 

2009FIRE on Free Pananda

So ya, if you see FIRE2009FIRE, it is me! Stop by and say hi. There are two servers. An English one and a Spanish one. I will only be on the English one. I have yet to speak to the people that run Free Pandanda, however I hope to do so, soon!

Anyways, so great to be back on here and Pandanda! Definitely expect more posts on Pandanda Fire now! I will post more about Free Pandanda when I have time! I heard theres a new catalog AND an Easter Festival starting on Friday March 20! Woop!

Pandanda Fire will also be hosting a party on Free Pandanda very soon! Stay tuned!!


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Pandanda’s Easter Egg Festival – Remember This?

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Surprisingly Pandanda Fire is still getting 50-100 views everyday! That’s crazy! We’re onto two years since Pandanda’s closure. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. With that being said, do you guys Remember the Easter Egg Festival on Pandanda? That was super fun! Collecting the eggs and redeeming them for prizes!? The Easter Bunny. special decorations and music! Haha take a look:

egg hunt #5 easter egg festival 3easter egg festival 5 easter egg festival 4   easter egg festival 1 egg hunt #4 egg hunt #3 egg hunt #2 egg hunt #1

Ahh, good times! I miss Pandanda and everyone else. Oh well, what can we do? So how are you guys all? Gotten over the closure yet? Lol well until next time.. stay cool. I’ll post more memories posts whenever.

Happy Easter!




iPandanda – CLOSED

Red Hot Blazing Day 2009FIRE

A few days late, but iPandanda has officially closed for good. iPandanda was known to be “version 2” of the official Pandanda that closed back in October 2012.

The official closure of iPandanda was announced on iPandanda’s homepage shortly last week. The closure was official due to the issues the website was facing.

iPandanda Closed

Haha, so glad to see my buddy Sherman getting a mention. He worked really hard and deserved it. Miss you buddy.

I really don’t know what to say. So sad. I guess this really is the end of Pandanda’s journey. It was so nice to see the spirit alive with iPandanda, but I guess that was killed too.

Well, I don’t really know about Pandanda Fire’s future right now. Also, I really am so sorry to all the PDF fans for the lack of posts. I really have been so busy and I feel so bad because you guys really are amazing. I really am sorry. I honestly don’t know- I hate to say it but this may be the end. 😦

If I can,  Ill try and make some posts in general about Pandanda memories. Well, I just wanna thank everyone. You guys truly are so awesome. I will never forget you all. 😦 There’s no Pandanda at all, so there’s no point of PDF. 😦 Sad enough.  I hope to see something up again. What do you guys think? 😦

Thank you for all your support. Again, I am really sorry for the lack of activity. With all respect and appreciation to our friends, fans, viewers, staff, blogroll buddies, and everyone over at iPD and Pandanda/SunLeaf Studios. I really had the time of my life. Pandanda Fire has come so far in the past three+ years,with almost 100,000 views. Honestly, you guys mean so much to me and we couldn’t have done it without you.

You guys can all catch me on my other HUGE blog with over 2,600,000 views for another game called Moshi Monsters- moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/

I’ll miss you all very much, hopefully you’ll hear from me again on PDF. If not, then thanks for this experience. Farewell, I love you all. 😦

RIP iPandanda and RIP Pandanda. Thank you everyone.

2009FIRE icon

Yours truly,

More Than a Year Since Pandanda’s Closure

Hey guys. Pandanda closed on October 27, 2012. That day was probably the worst day ever. Many players were hurt. I was hurt. Pandanda was hurt.

Pandanda Closure UPDATE

On that very, day Pandanda hosted a party to say goodbye. I have some footage of it:

It was so sad! I had so much fun! I made a video about a year ago about the closure with some memories. It has over 2000 YouTube views. Check it out:

So sad! I really wish it came back already! At least we have iPandanda to rely on! Catch you there. Have a good weekend.


It’s Time to Vote for The MME Awards! – Featuring TheMoshiMonsterKitty!

Moshi Monsters Expressway



Official Links for MME Awards Updates, News, Videos:
YouTube: @Moshi2009Fire15 @TheMMExpressway @MoshiLukey140701
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moshi-Monsters-Expressway

MME Awards Preview + Info

MME Awards – It’s Time to Vote – FT TheMoshiMonsterKity

We will be making many videos too! So stay tuned to this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist/MMEAwards

Voting Advertisements:

Don’t Forget To VOTE: http://moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/mme-awards/

2009Fire15 Sig

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iPandanda Fire’s 2013 Halloween Party – Review, Pictures, and Winners!

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! WOW what an amazing party! I cannot believe how huge and successful this party was! Over 30 pandas came and the rooms for packed crowded!

We played many games like fashion show, milking the cow, and playing in the dark LOL. We had a lot of fun and I managed to get a few pictures take a look:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13

I really had an AMAZING time. Thank you so much to everyone who came! It really felt like I was on the old Pandanda, and I couldn’t believe how many people came! I love you all so much! Keep up the awesome Pandanda spirit!

Okay okay, you all have been waiting for the winners of the ultra rare BLACK DRAGON!


Winners of the iPandanda Black Dragon:





Congratulations toR okatorcare2 & EmiliThorn, you are the winners of the Pandanda Fire Halloween Party Contest! For having the best Halloween outfits/costume, you win a rare black dragon to ride, on iPandanda!

THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH! I had blast! So happy to reunite with everyone all over again! Making memories once again! I for sure will have another party like this- probably in December for Christmas! I wish you all the best Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

Special thanks to Sherman for co-hosting with me!

Thank you, have a good day all! Happy Halloween!

Yapbpl5[1]  -2009FIRE15

 -iPandanda Fire

Happy 5th Birthday Anniversary Pandanda!


2nd Pandanda Anniversary!

October 24, 2008- Pandanda was officially opened/launched to the the world! Today, October 24, 2013- marks the 5th birthday of Pandanda!

Photos from the past PD birthdays:

Check out the awesome photo when Pandanda turned 3 years old in 2011!

Goodbye Year 2, Hello Year 3! Clothing Catalog Updated, And Anniversary Gift Now Available!

Pandanda’s birthday banner in 2010; second birthday:cropped-pd-birthday.jpg

Pandanda second birthday item:

Just wanted to wish and congratulate the Pandanda team on this milestone! We truly love you Pandanda! It’s been almost a year and we are still around at PDF. Miss Pandanda so much! At least we got iPandanda! 🙂

Happy 5th Birthday Pandanda!!


iPandanda Halloween Party!!!

Happy Halloween!Hey Pandas! It’s ALMOST Halloween! Can you believe it?! Pandanda is still in it’s spirit after quite a bit! iPandanda is amazing! There is a party going on! Did you know? The Halloween party! Take a look at some stuff!

Some pics are old, but it’s okay! See Paige in Bear Hallow for 12 pages of awesome Halloween gear!

 Oh and everything is decorated with the Pandanda Pumpkin Festival decorations! Check out the cool places when you can!6fnBzLO[1]

Don’t forget to also attend the PDF party this Saturday! We will have a blast!

iPDF Sherman Halloween Party

What do you guys all think? Enjoy the Halloween party! Hope to see y’all around!

iPandanda 2009FIRE Halloween

Oh yes, I will also be hiring two new workers in a couple days. I PROMISE.

Have a SPOOKY day!


HALLOWEEN PARTY: iPandanda Fire & Sherman’s iPandanda Cheats 2013!

2013 iPandanda Party

iPandanda Fire AND Sherman’s iPandanda Cheats will be hosting this party.

Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that we will be having our very first iPandanda party! This is going to be amazing! In our past two Halloween parties (2011, 2012) We had up to 75 pandas party with us! Because iPandanda isn’t as big as Pandanda was back in the years, we want to have a goal of 25 pandas at this party! It will be very exciting and fun, and will bring back lots of memories, as this is a Pandanda Fire tradition! Here is the details/invitation to the party:

iPDF Sherman Halloween Party



You are all invited! On Oct 26, on Candy Mtn in Bear Hallow  at 12:00 am ETD in other words 9:00 am Pandanda Time! Here is a full list of all the times worldwide and in your city of what time the party will be where you are: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=iPandanda+Fire+and+Sherman%27s+Pandanda+Cheats+Halloween+Party+2013&iso=20131026T12&p1=250

Oh yeah, Sherman is planning on giving away some prizes! We will be taking pictures and playing games too! Just to have some fun! Anyways, I hope to see you all there! Spread the news, and lets make this the biggest Pandanda reunion since it’s closure! If you got a blog, post it on yours! Thanks everyone!

I really hope to see you all there! Will you be coming? Comment!

-2009FIRE15 & Sherman at http://sherman98pandanda.wordpress.com/

iPandanda Fire – Now Hiring!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Back to school here, so I am VERY busy. Don’t have much time, and I am willing to hire anyone who is willing to post weekly about iPandanda and only iPandanda or Pandanda related posts here on Pandanda Fire.

Red Hot Blazing Day 2009FIRE

If you are interested in being an author, please fill out a form below! I will hire as many as I can. For now only one. You must be a player of iPandanda, and a former Pandanda player. Please also have experience! Oh and you need a WordPress account! Submit below to work here!

Thanks everyone! 🙂 Hopefully someone can be updating PDF for the viewers. I will also when I can! Have  a Panda-tastic day! 😛 Oh yeah, you can catch me on iPandanda.net! I am 2009FIRE15 on it! 🙂


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